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09 May 2007 @ 05:08 pm
Fade into color, Color into black & white, Under the bedclothes everything will be all right  
Worked sucked. It's the 9th, so that was expected. Okay, I won't mention it again. At least not until tomorrow when it sucks even more. :P

And yay! I was afraid they were going to have Bethany stop sneaking up on Denny. I know it's old, and probably immature, but it cracks me up every time.

I slept through the first half of American Idol. But I did make sure to vote for Blake. I think I got around 40 text messages in. And 'This Is Just Where I Came In' is actually one of my favorite Bee Gees songs, so the judges can just STFU!

House was actually pretty excellent last night. Wilson on speed was very amusing. If I was a patient of his, I'd want him to flirt with me. ;D And I thought House was empathetic to the POTW, without being OOC.

And I am gonna schedule two doctors appointment next week; one with the regular and one with the sports doctor. I went to WebMD (like the nerd that I am), typed in "dizziness" as a sympton. It then said to check your symptons, and one was tinnitus, which I've had for awhile. And it says that can be caused by taking a lot of aspirin, which I've been doing for so long because of my back problem. So I gotta go to both doctors. Gotta get rid of the back problem, which means I won't have to take aspirin every 4-6 hours EVERY DAY! I think it might mean back surgery though. I had the cortisone injections and physical therapy, it's been over a year...and it's still here. Having surgery probably means I'll be out of commission for over a month. So I guess if it has to be done, it should be now. I hate being a burden on my parents, which I already am. But it's better than moving out, getting settled, and then having to move back in because I'll need help. But I am getting ahead of myself...maybe it won't be all that much.

Okay, nap time for Allee.
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Listening/Watching: "This Is Just Where I Came In" by The Bee Gees
treerad on May 10th, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
i agree, that episode of boston legal rocked! i loved that part!
Allee: bostonlegallady_lyca on May 10th, 2007 10:16 pm (UTC)
I want that for my ring tone! That'd be amazing!

Gawd, I was singing that all day at work today! XD