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29 December 2006 @ 12:46 pm
You sit there in your heartache Waiting on some beautiful boy To save you from your old ways  
Woohoo! It's Friday! I am leaving for Moses Lake tonight (unless the pass is unbearable), so I will not be online until Sunday night or Monday afternoon. So if I don't comment, I still love you, but am seeing the fam. I bought Pirates of the Carribean 2 off iTunes, so I will have something to enjoy in the backseat. Especially when it is too dark to read. I want to finish Hannibal Rising, so I can go join in some discussions with other Lecterphiles.

For those of you on MySpace, I changed my layout, after over a year with the old one. Check it out if you're bored.

And now, something swiped from Candi:

[An author who had affected you] Stephen Chbosky for taking a snapshot of my life as a teen

[What you most like to do on a Sunday] sleep in

[A monument you would like to view from your bedroom] the Parthenon

[A taste that makes you melt] chocolate

[A hobby that occupies your time] reading

[The film you could watch over and over] Wonder Boys

[Your motto] Don't sweat the petty things; and don't pet the sweaty things.

[Your approximate annual income] around 18,000 if my math is correct

[Something important on your computer desk] bottle of water

[What you would keep in a safe, if you had one] what jewelry I have

[Things you like to buy] DVDs, books

[If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy] a black BMW Z4.

[You collect] anything and everything Harry Potter.

[Your strangest possession] some lips made out of clay made by a guy in my 11th grade pottery class

[Your most expensive possession] the Batmobile

[Your prized possession] my laptop, iPod

[If your house was burning and you only had time to rescue 3 things, they would be] laptop, what DVDs I could grab, some notebooks

[Something forbidden you have done that might even surprise your closest friends] smoked pot? I don't know if that's a surprise though

[The appropriate age for having sex] I must defer to Candi --> Depends on you. As long as you're not one of those 9 year olds that go on Maury.

[The first time you had sex, you were how old] still haven't (yes, I know I am pathetic).

[Your most recent lie] ummm...

[A lie you tell yourself] denial is my middle name

[A drug or alcoholic beverage you take on a regular basis] I like to switch it up. But I looove champagne, specifically as mimosa

[If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to] an addiction is bad without the side effects. It can be exploited, make you weak

[What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner cheated on you] heartbreak

[A time you purposely hurt someone emotionally] probably some time in junior high

[Which of your parents do you strongly resemble] I have my dad's coloring; but I am short like my mom

[If you didn't know your parents, you would choose these two famous people to take their place] Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon

[Something your parents did that you have never forgiven] I don't really want to get into that, I have never told anyone

[A trait you do not share with your siblings] no siblings

[Your least favorite relative] Aunt Dixie. She's the relative who calls when they are 5 minutes from your house and asks for a place to stay for the night...or two weeks

[Four traits you look for in a friend] Humor, tolerance, things in common...

[The friend you have known for the longest time] Bonnie

[The friend you miss the most] Bridget

[A friend who makes you laugh] Sara

[A friend who you can tell anything] Amanda, Lauren

[A friend you can go to for advice] Laura

[A friend you can flirt with] all of them

[A friend you should not flirt with as much as you do] probably all of then ^_^

[A friend you should not have kissed] I have only ever had a couple drunken pecks with them, so no biggie

[A friend you may lose soon] None, I hope

[An acquiantance you would like to make a friend] some people from UW Bothell

[A friend who has betrayed you] Laurie

[A friend to whom you have something important to say, but have not yet had the courage] None

[Your 3 best qualities] Humor, keen fashion sense, tact

[Your 3 worst qualities] spiteful, mean-spirited, lazy

[3 words that describe how others view you] I try not to think about that

[3 words you would use to describe yourself] quirky, short, lazy

[A special compliment that made you blush] when Laura said that when she talks to me, she hates people for not liking me (ya know, romantically), because I don't come in an obviously pretty package. There was more, and that's not exactly how she put it, but you get the jist.

[An insult that made you burn] something Mary said to me. It wasn't a terribly horrible thing to say, but the fact that someone I felt was a sister saying it hurt. But it was like 4 years ago, so I am over it.

[The animal that best describes you] raven.

[The greatest amount of physical pain you ever endured] maybe when I was little and cracked the back of my head, or my leg pain now

[Your best physical feature] boobs I guess, LOL!

[At your best, you are most like this famous person] Oscar Wilde maybe

[At your worst, you are most like this famous person] Edgar Allen Poe?

[Your most recent selfless act] maybe when I scooped ice cream out for my cousin before getting some for myself last year

[3 people you consider to be geniuses] Eddie Izzard, Catherine the Great, Bono

[3 inventions you consider to be ingenius] internet, the printing press, TV

[Your 3 favorite childhood toys or games] my stuffed animals, my books, any art supplies

[3 words you often use when speaking] Indeed, Motherfucker, cool

[3 sounds that disturb you] the phone ringing, the alarm going off, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

[3 lessons you have learned the hard way] It's important to have goals, you cannot make people understand you, forget about forgiving and just accept

[3 things you would never do] Never say never, because you may end up looking like a jackass

[3 things you would not allow your children to do] hurt an animal, have unprotected sex, go to a religious school

[3 things you have done in your life that you regret] not telling people how I feel (good and bad), being a republican (I was brainwashed I tell ya!), making my happiness depend on others

[Your dream] to make money doing something I love

[If you had the talent or the opportunity, you would] be a rockstar

[Something you wish you could learn at the snap of your fingers] how to play the violin

[Something you wish you could change about your life] my appearance

[You want to retire at this age] 22

[How do you plan to spend that last years of your life] with friends

[How would you like to spend the last few minutes of your life] knowing that everyone who I loved would be okay

[At your funeral, you want people to remember you as] I just want to be remembered

[Something you dreamed that later happened or turned out to be true] whenever I dream about having to wake up, brushing my teeth, etc.

[The emotion you tend to hide the most] sadness

[The emotion you seem to experience the most] confusion

[A moment you achieved absolute happiness] maybe when I decided to leave school, quit Safeway...basically get my life started the way I want to

[You would feel envious right now if] If I found out one of my friends was marrying George Clooney

[A piece of music that makes you sentimental] "Goodbye" by the Spice Girls, and "All the Small Things" by Blink 182

[When you are happy, you need] someone to share it with

[When you are sad, you need] an unexpected compliment

[When you are nostalgic, you need] music.

[When you are angry, you need] to scream along with angry music

[When you are lonely, you need] a hug

[When you are in love, you need] people to respect those feelings

[You would jump up and down with joy if someone told you] I got to be in the next Harry Potter movie, or guest star on House as his lover

[The last time you cried uncontrollably was when] Last weekend. I was reading a story that really affected me

[A moment in your life when your emotions froze and you felt absolutely nothing] about 2 years ago

[You get angry with yourself when you] get upset over something inconsequential

[Your earliest memory] eating cheerios, or tossing stuffed animals in a box when I was moving

[Describe your first paying job] house sitting

[Describe your best paying job] book keeping

[You are haunted by the memory of] the whole 4th grade

[A person who was exceptionally kind to you] Big Bonnie (my friend Bonnie's grandma, who is like a surrogate grandmother to me)

[A person who made you miserable for a long time] Kirsten

[A smell that reminds you of your childhood] crayon wax

[A routine you remember from your childhood] when I went through a phase of obsessive-compulsively washing my hands

[Your greatest fear] ending up on the streets

[A crime or natural disaster you were a victim of] robbery.

[A sickness or disease you fear] Ebola

[A reason for which you would seriously contemplate suicide] been there, didn't do that. Feeling like there is nothing left to live for, it would hurt those who wronged you

[When people first meet you, you are afraid they will think] that I'm a loser

[Your greatest fear about aging] being totally dependent in a nursing home

[Your greastest fear about marriage] not being a good spouse, hurting the other person

[Your greastest fear about having children] A lot

[A plan or project you worry may fail] getting out on my own

[Something on your mind you are afraid to share] I plead the 5th

[When you really want to get to know someone, you say or ask] whatever I can think of

[The largest age difference youhave had in a relationship] never been in a relationship

[Who was younger] n/a

[Something someone said or did that you found extremely attractive] the way this guy I liked in high school smiled. It slid really slowly up one side, and then sometimes the other.

[Something someone said or did that you found frighteningly unattractive] one friend said something horribly close-minded. It really changed my opinion of her. But thankfully she has grown as a person.

[A saying you've heard about men or women that you believe is true] None really. I find lots of typical "men" qualities in myself. Fear of commitment, etc.

[A phyisical trait you find attractive] the way someone may move

[An intellectual ability you find attractive] complete concentration

[A personality trait you find attractive] knowing to when just be quiet

[You are irritated when people ask you] to do something they know I would be uncomfortable with

[You love it when people ask you] questions about Harry Potter

[Your secret passion] not too secretive about that kind of stuff

[Your longest grudge] Laurie

[A type of person you don't seem to get along with] close-minded people, or people who are mean to those who cannot defend themselves.

[You and your spouse or partner argue about this issue often] don't have either

[What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship] too flaky and selfish for one

[What you dislike most about having a committed relationship] see above

[Your sexiest feature] my sense of adventure (in things of a sexual nature)

[A place where you've always wanted to make love] Splash Mountain, the part where they take the picture

[A wonderful place where you have made love] never made love, ok you can stop laughing now

[A strange place where you have made love] I think it is obvious I am embarrassed about my problem with chronic virginity

[A special place on your body that, when kissed or touched, feels unbelievably good] neck

[An unfulfilled fantasy] making love in a field, in the rain. And yes, I thought of it years BEFORE Match Point came out. Woody Allen stole it from me!

[A fulfilled fantasy] n/a

[A fragrance that reminds you of someone with whom you have been intimate] well, honeysuckle reminds me of someone I was crushing on when I wore that scent all the time

[The most perverted situation you have ever been in] n/a

[The approximate number of sexual partners you have had] 0, unless you count myself

[The largest age difference between you and a sexual partner] n/a

[Who was younger] n/a

[The first time you achieved orgasm] sometime by myself

[You feel most attractive when] for some reason, I feel incredibly sexy when I am in my blue plaid boxers and my big furry boots

[The book, song, or movie title that best describes your sexuality] Clueless

[Sex is] complicated

[If you could change one law] legalize gay marriage

[If you could erase one memory] the night my friend tried to commit suicide

[If you had extra money] I would roll in a big pile of it

[If you could bring one person back from the dead] Princess Di

[If you could start all over] I would do just about everything differently

[Your current philosophy] Don't look back, you can drive yourself crazy with whatifs

[Something you learned this week] Gerald Ford was a good football player

[Your most important goal right now] getting my own place

[The best word to describe your love life] nonexistent

[The best word to describe your job] banal

[Your biggest obstacle right now] the fact that I am poison, and I know it

[The most important thing in life] being satisfied with yourself

[The last person you said "I love you' to] my mom

[A piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child] Don't grow up too fast. Take each year as it comes, and enjoy as much as possible.

So, Happy New Years, everyone! Don't get too plastered, just a little.

P.S. Jackie and Candi, I will be going to the post office probably next Tuesday. Sorry to make you wait so long :(
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polaris_86: edward; norton; red dragonpolaris_86 on December 29th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC)
I adore Wonderboys! :)

Oh, you read Hannibal rising? Is it good?
I definitley want to read it, too. Although I know it can't be as good as Red Dragon cause it's not about Will Graham. ;)
Allee: ednortonlady_lyca on December 29th, 2006 10:55 pm (UTC)
Wonderboys is my most favorite movie of all time! :D

And yes, it is really good. And LOL, I think the reason I like the movie Red Dragon better than book is because I can gaze upon Ed Norton and Ralph Fiennes LOL! But I think Hannibal is my favorite book.
polaris_86: edward; norton; red dragonpolaris_86 on December 30th, 2006 03:48 pm (UTC)
I've to admit that I only read "Red Dragon" so far and that because I loved Edward orton as Will Graham and wanted to know more about this character.

But I heard a lot of good things about Hannibal rising, so I'm veeery interested in it. ^^

BTW: Ralph is an awesome dragon. *sigh*
candichristine on December 30th, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)
Susan Surandon is pretty awesome. I can't spell.
Allee: brandobookslady_lyca on December 30th, 2006 07:19 am (UTC)
Eh, who needs spelling? XP And Susan Sarandon is one of those women who is consistently gorgeous.
candichristine on December 30th, 2006 08:45 am (UTC)
Agreed. Stepmom and Banger Sisters = Love.