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23 December 2006 @ 07:30 am
quick holiday stuff  
Ugh. It's 7:13 AM on a Saturday, and I am awake. >:( My leg woke me up, even though I took painkillers 2 hours ago! Ok, but have lain on my most comfortable position, so it's feeling better. I shall return to being my sluggish, lazy sleepish-nes right after this holiday announcement.

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I have a bone to pick with the following people/ things:
-back problems: I am 21, I should not have this!
-Verizon Wireless: How dare you hang up on my father!
-bad drivers: this all the people who drive too slow or too fast (especially when I am behind the first and in front of the latter)
-the Bush White House: there are simply too many people I hate in there to list them individually
-O.J. Simpson: You know you did it! How dare you profit from your violent slayings of two people!
-the people who thought the whole O.J. if I did it thing was a good idea
-people who start drama on message boards and the like: get a real fucking life people! You seem to have even more time on your hands han I do!
-the guy that Dick Cheney shot: Why the hell are you apologizing?! The motherfucker shot you!
-Puget Sound Energy: this isn't the fucking Dark Ages! The fact that some people still do not have power...inconcievable! And the fact that you knew this was coming, and yet did nothing 'til after is almost too much!
-Mark Foley: You dare to cast blame on alcohol for your inappropriate conduct on alcohol! I'm sorry, but being a drunk does not make you a pedophile. It might make you an asshole.
-Lucas Roberts on Days of Our Lives: You simply suck.
-the referees at the Super Bowl: How much were you paid off? Honestly! I will probably never let this one go. We were there to play the Steelers, not you jackholes too!
-the woman at the Post Office: there is no reason for you to be such a bitch to me! You hate your job (obviously), but that ain't my problem, you condescending crotchrag!

I know there is probably more stuff to mention, but I am gonna try and go back to sleep for maybe 4 hours. Gotta get energy for wrapping all my presents. I'm off like a dirty shirt!
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