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02 December 2006 @ 09:21 pm
"what did i do when i found out tom cruise fathered a child? ..i laughed my ass off."  

Social Life at Hogwarts

Some people don't like you, but it's not because you're a bad person. You are often misunderstood. You are determined to get whatever your heart desires. You are devoted and strong-willed. You are very caring, but only to those you love. You get excellent grades and sometimes brag. You are only scared of one thing, and that is losing someone you love. And there aren't many that you do.

Harry: Hates you because you are Malfoy's girlfriend. He thinks you'll end up a deatheater because of it. He has no respect for you or your boyfriend. He is being judgemental, but the rivalry between him and Draco blocks out all sense of kindness and logic.

Ron: Doesn't like you because, again, you are Malfoy's girlfriend. Thinks you are an okay person, but stays away because of Malfoy.

Hermione: Hates and despises you. Thinks you are extremely stupid for going out with Malfoy. Hates you for getting outstanding marks in class. She glares at you whenever you pass.

Ginny: Doesn't really like or hate you. Doesn't know you very well. Gives you weird looks.

Neville: He is very intimidated by you and steers clear of you. Scared that you'll get Malfoy to hex him.

Fred and George: Same as Ginny.

Oliver Wood: Doesn't know you.

Cedric Diggory: Thought you were a good person deep down, before he died.

Cho Chang: Is nice to you and helps you in school work. Dislikes people who judge you without knowing you. Isn't your friend. Just an aquaintance.

Lavender Brown: Doesn't bother with you. Knows who you are and that's it.

Draco Malfoy: He loves you. Thinks you are the only one who knows the real him. Constantly with you, very protective of you as well. He wished he hadn't brought you in all this Voldemort mess, but hopes that somehow you and him can escape it together. He thanks God that he has you and will risk his life for you. You defend him when people bad mouth him, and he appreciates that you care. All he needs is you. You've saved him from depression.

Pansy: Hates you, but can't do anything otherwise Draco will hate her. Thinks about getting rid of you or getting Draco to cheat on you with her. All plans so far have been unsuccessful.

Crabbe and Goyle: Like you because you are sort of nice to them and always give them something to snack on.

Dumbledore: Thinks you are a good person deep down, but knows that Mister Malfoy has gotten in too deep with Voldemort. Which means that you'll be there with Malfoy til the end, even if it means being on the Dark Lord's side. He hopes you two can survive together.

McGonagall: Thinks you are an excellent and greatly skilled student, but doesn't approve of you and Malfoy. It's none of her business though.

Hagrid: Also thinks you a great student, but dislikes that you gave up his class because Malfoy did.

Snape: Adores you and awards you points as much as possible. Thinks you are as good as he is in potions. Hopes you and Draco the best. He advises you on all your problems and is a sort of fatherly figure.

Voldemort: Is suspicious about if you are a worthy deatheater and if you are loyal to him. He doesn't know for certain that you and Draco want to leave. He keeps a close eye on both of you.

Reputation: Draco's Girlfriend.
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Well, I pretty much like those results ^_^

Slept 'til 11:30, ate cake, drank mimosas, and watched School of Rock and Friends with my mom. That was basically my day. Boring, but I liked it. And watching School of Rock re-affirmed my belief that if I have kids, they will rebel by becoming republican country singers. No offense to any of the aforementioned if they are on my Flist.

Consumer alert! J-Lo's bras pretty much suck. Or maybe my boobs have grown since I bought it. But not very comfortable, and occasional spilling out of said bra.

Apparently there is a toy vaccuum from Hoover out in time for Christmas. What a shitty present. I would be pissed if I was a little kid and got that for Christmas.

Has anyone else seen commercials for that Baby First TV channel? I can't help but add the line, "Something for your child to do while you are lying in bed with lights off crying into a bottle of scotch". Cynical, yes. True, sadly.

I saw my neighbor the cop on the news. A sheriff's deputy was shot and killed this morning, and Dave was being interviewed. It was kind of scary to think about, how Dave is also in the sheriff's department. As much as I hate his wife, he is a really nice guy, and their two daughters are really sweet. I hope nothing ever happens to him :(

And I am sorry for being so random tonight.
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polaris_86: asuka; pornpolaris_86 on December 3rd, 2006 11:15 am (UTC)
Wow, you're darco's girlfriend! :D

J-Lo sells bras? Oo