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21 August 2005 @ 01:09 am
My night out in Seattle with Amanda....mmmm, bars!  
Hello to all of you! Last night I had the hottest date ever, Amanda. I won free tickets to Red Eye for a sneak preview...free stuff is awesome!

Well, so we took the bus into Seattle, and of course we were the two noisiest people on the bus, talking about our soaps, bars and pizza. And there was this really cute guy with glasses who I think was eavesdropping. But that's ok, I did say we were noisy.

We got off at the tunnels, went up to the street and had no idea where to go. Who do we run into on the street, none other than Tighe! So, he wandered around with us while he tried to call his friend who had his cell. I finally had to call my mom (who I really hate right now) for directions. And Tighe ran into his friend (by the way Tighe, he is really cute, you should go for it!) and they further led us to the theatre. But how random was that?

Ok, so we were there, and Amanda and I were complimented on our outfits by two nice young ladies, which is always nice. We were a little later for the movie than the invitation recommended, but we still got really good seats.

So, Red Eye...AWESOME movie! Cillian Murphy is sooooo creepy sexy! He and Rachel McAdams and everybody else's acting was excellent. Especially this little girl, who is now my hero, LOL. If anyone wants to go see it, I will definitely go again! There were definitely some tense moments, collective gasps, claps and laughs were in the audience. There was also a preview for Saw II with that clown puppet that freaks me out!

So, the movie got out, and Amanda and I wandered around because we didn't know where the bus stop was. We found it, some random guy either tried to steal my purse or feel me up, we weren't sure which. But we'll go with the feel up because sadly that makes me feel complimented.

Again, we were on the bus, and again we were the two loudest people on there. Why do people on buses always seem so sad? Well, I guess we were loud and happy enough for all of them. And we talked about bars a lot on the way back, so everyone probably thought that we were a bunch of lushes, since no one seems to know what bars are.

Back in Kirkland, Amanda got a call, and at first didn't know who it was. Don't you hate when that happens? I think that has happened to us all at some point or another. We went back to my house and ate pizza and made bars...Tighe, we know you were jealous and were salivating over the thought of them. So, you can kiss my "bar-making ass". Then we watched movies and old episodes of Days of Our Lives, girlie stuff like that.

Yep, that's it. Just thought I'd share, since it was so much fun.
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