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24 November 2006 @ 10:51 pm
Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams; red, gold & green  
Ugh...got a major headache last night, and it is still here. But slightly less throbby, so that's yay.

Must stay awake for Conan! I command myself!

Oh, who didn't have to work today? Allison didn't *raises hand* Yeeeeah, boyee! I mean, I did think we were closed today, but I didn't want to look stupid and ask, nor did I want to get my hopes up.

My parents returned about 2 p.m. Wednesday. Bad- not getting a chance to take out the Bacardi and Mike's Hard Bottles. Good- Not having to drive to my aunt and uncle's house yesterday (tres confusing). Plus, my mom bought me a Kasey Kahne hat :D

She also got a hella lot of good shells; they all washed up after a storm. Including this really big, perfect one. And, I shit you not, she calls it "Precious"...my mom does exhibit some geek tendencies sometimes. I get it all from her side of the family, I swear! My uncle Harry, my cousin Adam, and I are the worst though. Oh, my copy of Geek Monthly (which I just subscribed to) came in the mail today. And huzzah for Rainn Wilson being on the cover :D

Last night we went to my Aunt Joan (dad's sister) and Uncle Bill's house for dinner. Turkey was delicious. Discovered my aunt Mary (another one of dad's sister) and her husband my uncle Ross are fans of both The Office and How I Met Your Mother. All three of us are TV junkies and discuss it at all family gatherings. I actually got to incorporate a HIMYM quote into the conversation later that night..."Vomit free since '93".

I actually sat at the adult table! I mean, my two step cousins weren't there, so that made me the oldest grandchild...but it was still....I dunno. When we go to my grandparent's house we all sit in the living room to eat, so there is no age segregation...whatev. My cousin Billy (the next oldest) had a friend come because his parents were in Atlanta, and he was kinda hot ^_^ LOL. But if they are friends, they probably went/go to school together, which means he is religious and not my type. Anyway, I have been hanging out with all the old people at family gatherings since I was 15, so nothing too new. I mean, all my cousins are pretty sheltered, so I am afraid I will say the wrong thing. Well, maybe not my cousin John, but he is just so damn quiet! I am sure if my the two youngest cousins (Erin and Kristi) were there, it would have been more intermingled. Erin is the baby, so she gets a lot of attention from everyone. As well she should, because she is adorable! I mean, I don't give her a ton of affection, but I am not very good with kids. I wasn't even good with kids when I was a kid.

A really weird anomily (sp?) on my dad's side of the family, all the girl grandchildren are five years apart.
-Me: 21
-Nicole: 16 (she was actually born during my fifth birthday party, which is why before I moved away for school, we held joint parties :) )
-Kristi: 11
-Erin: 6

So yeah...pretty standard Thanksgiving I guess it was. Oh, I was discussing this with miss_bushido over AIM last night. Driving to and from my aunt's place, I felt the need to blast angsty rock music on my iPod. My family is very nice to me, so I have no idea where the compulsion came from. Maybe I feel the need to rebel because none of my cousins seem to have, so I have to make up for their lack of angst.

Off to either see if my HIMYM DVDs are acting any better, and if not, to watch The Office before Conan. I would finish Geek Monthly but I am too tired to read. Ya know that feeling, when you are tired, but not tired enough to sleep?

P.S. FYI, Superman is a dick! (#6 in Examples of Superdickery is my favorite BTW)

P.P.S. My mom made our own Thanksgiving dinner tonight, so I may also stuff myself a second time. And drink the last Mike's Hard Cranberry, convince myself it is Thanksgiving-y =P
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treerad on November 26th, 2006 07:46 am (UTC)
Yeeeeah, boyee!

is this a flava flav reference? cause if it is, super-extra-cool points for you!

and yay for hanging out with the adults! i do that more and more at family gatherings, and they get more and more fun :)
Allee: ADD&Markerslady_lyca on November 26th, 2006 08:24 am (UTC)
Indeed it was. I watch far too much VH1. But like they say, "Get a life. Theirs."

Ummm...the big kids</i> adults rock! :D
Allee: ADD&Markerslady_lyca on November 26th, 2006 08:25 am (UTC)
Dammit! Why can't I code properly!?!