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17 May 2006 @ 02:09 pm
just a little bit longer...  
I get off work in 51 minutes precisely. That's too far! Today was particularly stressful. Well, it was for me because I am an idiot...I don't see why I can't understand how to fill out letter of intent and the like.

Luckily, I do not have to take the certified letters to the post office. I always do something wrong and this really snarky (but not in a cool, House MD way) patronizes me because there is some mundane thing I mess up on. I bet I will see her on the news one day, pulling a Charles Whitman (climbing to the roof and taking people out with an AK 47). I need to find a new post office.

47 minutes left, not much left to do. I guess I could work on my Cedric/Hermione song ficlet I am writing. But will I? Probably not. I never finish anything I start.

I need a drink, and yes, I am really becoming an alcoholic. My friend Bonnie's 21st birthday was last weekend, so we are going out tomorrow night. Too bad we both have to work the next day, I really need to get wasted, it has been too long. Plus, then we could have gone into Seattle to go to the Emigrant. Damn! Hey, now I know something I can do...CitySearch bars that are closer! Yay! I have a project! It'll probably only take a couple of minutes though....better than nothing I guess.

43 minutes...
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