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15 August 2006 @ 11:04 pm
My name is H-ennifer Lopez..  
...and I like tacos and burritos.

I just got home from watching House at asiswellknown's about half an hour ago. I was gonna watch Seinfeld and go to bed; but the South Park that came on is one of the BEST! It's when Cartman pretends his hand is Jennifer Lopez. All day tomorrow, I will be talking like H-ennifer Lopez, much the chagrin of all those around me I am sure.

But, although it is very funny, it does make me kind of sad. I used to say to Minni (my dog who died about two years ago), "Taco-flavored kisses for my Minni".

Also, I bought Scary Movie 4 today because of my crush on Anna Faris. It came with a free beanie which I am now wearing.

"Ben, you almost make me forget about tacos..."
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