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11 August 2006 @ 10:07 am
I just got my tickets for So You Think You Can Dance! Oh the seats are ever so good! Now I just need to find someone to go with! I was gonna ask if I could tag along with Laura and her mom. Last night I found out they watch too (since she used to dance this does not surprise me)...but she is almost totally ANTI-Benjelle; and I just can't handle that. I fear it may harsh my buzz that night. I am gonna ask Bry Bry. If he doesn't wanna go, maybe Elisa. I haven't really seen in her in awhile, that'd be a fun outing.

In other news I think I am getting some kind of bug. I have been feeling tired lately, well more tired than usual. And last night the lady giving facials said it felt like I had a fever, and today I feel kind of flushed. So, we'll see I guess. If I go get a smoothie for lunch I will ask for an immunity boost rather than my regular energy boost. God bless the free boosts!

Lalalala....I don't wanna do invoicing. Maybe if I get it done early I can leave. I got to do that yesterday; but that was only 'cause I had to drive up to Snohomish. And I only got minorly lost! I am ever so proud! And it wasn't even my fault. They are doing major construction (yay her roads are FINALLY getting paved!), and so at this huge elbow turn you can't tell whether to go straight or to the left to stay on the main road. I think the next time I head up there I will not get turned around at all. And it only took me five years!

Bry-bry said he would be my sex-ay date! Yay! And he actually knows Ivan! *begins spinning fangirl dreams about Benji*
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