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06 February 2010 @ 07:05 pm
  • 19:11 @lolakay "Beeen! What have I told you about trading sexual favors for Sudafed?!" #
  • 19:59 Photo: standtogether: Damn! This shirt be hella fly! tumblr.com/xaw66cci6 #
  • 21:56 Someone in my parents' book club is smoking out on the deck, my window's open. God, it smells so good. :\ #
  • 22:04 I miss new episodes of SGA on Fridays. *sigh* Must make do with reruns. *pout* #
  • 22:16 @downloadable08 =D Do you think that even though I've never seen Supernatural, I could make it through the fic? I need McShep like woah. ^_^ #
  • 22:17 @downloadable08 AND YES! Discussion of slash is always a good lunch topic. XD #
  • 22:19 @downloadable08 Aaaw. I really need to start watching Supernatural. #
  • 22:21 McKay, I <3 you. But Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the balls. ^_^ #
  • 22:33 @ImSoKay I LOVE BIRBIGLEBOO! =D I saw him live a couple years ago. Amazing. #
  • 22:41 @ImSoKay "'You're fat. You're gay. I'm outta here!' I was always a little fat, and a little gay..." #
  • 22:46 @downloadable08 OMG. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing! =D #
  • 01:23 Suddenly want a popsicle for some reason. I mean, other than the fact that they are awesome. :P #
  • 02:14 "“Give me a smile please Count the calm and watch my breathing slow Winding me up tease Get inside my..." tumblr.com/xaw66miwe #
  • 02:31 Sleep? I'll save that for 5 a.m. again. I've got fan fic to read and reruns of Married with Children to watch. #
  • 13:36 Photo: danadanger: I had no idea! *follows* tumblr.com/xaw673zdt #
  • 15:44 Video: Best song from Arthur. If you’ve never heard/seen it (first of all, why the hell not?), it will get... tumblr.com/xaw677yxg #
  • 16:17 Photo: Vizzini/Fezzick in 2012! tumblr.com/xaw678zvy #
  • 16:53 Going to be late to D&D. But the call of a razzmatazz from jamba juice was far too strong. #
  • 16:54 Cashier may have been flirting. But they play the music so damn loud I can never hear anything in there. #
  • 17:13 @lolakay ...I didn't like any of that! #
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(Anonymous) on February 7th, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
from susan
I was expecting "Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card" when you said it would get stuck in your head.

I love the episode where DW is lost or hiding in a grocery store (can't remember) and you hear the crazy things over the store speakers. "Try our new chocolate-covered cabbage: the dessert that makes you go 'blecch.'" "Sale in our book department: books without vowels half-price!" "Free samples at our drinking fountain."

See you tomorrow!