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05 February 2010 @ 07:05 pm
  • 20:27 I wanna be Netflix friends with Senor Chang! #community #
  • 21:01 Wow. One minute in, and already two jokes about vajayjay. Go, The Office! :P #
  • 21:06 Jim, if you make another pun, I will jump into the television set and punch you. #
  • 21:07 Gabe, you're a fudrucker! #theoffice #
  • 21:16 Must have been on crack today. I've had songs from Arthur, High School Musical, and The Simpsons stuck in my head. #
  • 21:21 Is David Wallace high? :-P #theoffice #
  • 21:30 *holds up her lighter to David Wallace and his ginger kid* #theoffice #
  • 21:33 I know it was just a cracky dream...but my inner Jack/Liz shipper is squeeing! #30rock #
  • 21:47 Aaaaand, I just finished the last piece of birthday cake. *le sigh* #
  • 01:05 What Kind of Diner Food Are You? - tinyurl.com/yeuk8mz - You Are French Toast #blogthings #
  • 13:00 I think my mom gave me a cold. Blergh. Or it could've been John. He seemed a little sick on Wednesday... Who to yell at? XD #
  • 13:16 @lolakay I would blame them too. But I haven't been around any (thank god). :-P #
  • 13:33 @lolakay Ummmmm...okay! XD YOU LITTLE BASTARDS! *shakes fist at them* #
  • 13:38 @lolakay Sorry, I'm having a wild party at my parents' house. I hope Regina George doesn't show up. #
  • 14:14 Photo: Scott, you better back the fuck off. Neville Longbottom’s mine! Found here. tumblr.com/xaw6610ha #
  • 14:22 Photo: johnsimmsunday: tumblr.com/xaw6619jy #
  • 16:24 "Whoa! Reality check here! Earth to tall bitch! What is your fault? This is!" #
  • 17:09 Video: Song of the Day: “Erotic City” by George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. Because PCU is on TV.... tumblr.com/xaw666h3e #
  • 17:10 Photo: fuckyeahgreendale: tumblr.com/xaw666i69 #
  • 17:19 @miss_bushido "They knew what a 'Hot Richard' was?" #
  • 17:24 @miss_bushido NGL, I totally looked it up on urbandictionary when that episode first aired. XD #
  • 17:49 Photo: tumblr.com/xaw667s8r #
  • 17:55 "Books are useless! I only ever read one book, “To Kill A Mockingbird”, and it gave me absolutely no..." tumblr.com/xaw667z62 #
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