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14 January 2010 @ 07:05 pm
  • 20:05 Video: Totally had this song running through my head on the way home from seeing Daybreakers. Wonder why… ;) tumblr.com/xaw5ik37w #
  • 23:18 the always amazing Cracked.com - LOL @ Jay Leno’s mom! tumblr.com/xaw5ipsmy #
  • 00:41 Photo: dwightyouignorantslut: tumblr.com/xaw5irgnv #
  • 13:24 A new haircut, I has one. Best feeling in the world! Even better than randomly grabbing the correct amount of paperclips, envelopes, etc. #
  • 13:27 "I’m bustin dudes’ mouths like gushers motherfucker Pull up on NBC and smack the shit outta Jeff Zucker!" tumblr.com/xaw5j85om #
  • 14:16 Just took "Which Seinfeldian (Seinfeld) character are you? " and got: Jerry Seinfeld! Try it ➔ bit.ly/8hKsZa #
  • 14:17 LOL! RE my last tweet. I WISH I were more of a Jerry. But no, I am totally George. #
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(Anonymous) on January 15th, 2010 05:17 am (UTC)
from susan
I totally grabbed the exact right number of paperclips the last time I was putting together the bills at my office! That must be an AWESOME haircut.