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08 January 2010 @ 11:20 am
I feel the beating of the heartbreak, I feel the beating of the sun  
Totally putting off doing filing. Also, our fax machine hates me. I need to do quizzes and RP to de-stress. XD

You Are a Kite

You've always been a dreamer, and you started dreaming at a very early age.

You can get lost in a fantasy. As a kid, you were happy to let your imagination go wild.

The smallest things can spark the biggest ideas. You can get lost in your own inner world simply by flying a kite.

As a kid, you didn't even really want toys. You would much rather play make believe than play with an expensive toy.

I don't know about the not wanting expensive toys bit. I mean, I remember telling my mom that we couldn't get a friend a Barbie doll for her birthday if I didn't already have it. Yeah, I was a brat. But my friends and I were all very competitive. I also remember when Bonnie, Jason, and I were arguing over who got The Great Mouse Detective on tape first. LOL! "Well, we got it at 10 a.m.!"

Have some Little Britain! I splurged on the entire series yesterday. :P
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