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17 June 2009 @ 07:06 pm
  • 19:15 @burjz Oh my... THAT'S AWESOME! #
  • 20:48 This really old guy is hitting on a really young girl work at Jamba Juice. Uncomfortable. #
  • 22:07 @nelophobia Are you talking about the rap song that samples/remixes/whatevers it? 'Cause I feel the same way. XD #
  • 22:14 You were making out during Schindler's List? #
  • 22:14 We didn't mean to! We started up during the coming attractions and before we knew it the war was over. #
  • 22:25 @Tater_Nuts "You enjoyed spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld?" -"It was fun. They bought me a coke." #
  • 22:25 @kiki_miserychic He was moving on her like the storm troopers into Poland! #
  • 22:27 @DBJen80 It is probably in my top 5. He wants this guy to think he's in Paris. -"Why?" "Because George is a deeply disturbed individual." #
  • 22:32 RT From Iran: CONFIRMED!! Army moving into Tehran against protesters! PLEASE RT! URGENT! #IranElection #
  • 22:33 @kiki_miserychic Isn't it amazing! I bought the book, but I haven't read it yet. #
  • 22:44 @Tater_Nuts I saw the episode BEFORE I saw the movie. So when I watched it I LOLed at the end, with the watch...thank god I was alone. :P #
  • 22:47 Better recognize! bit.ly/oreot #
  • 07:47 Wasn't going to stop for coffee before work today. But so many of you are tweeting about it, I may not be able to say no. So, no traffic plz #
  • 09:04 RT @Tater_Nuts Heh. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fails at Photoshop. tinyurl.com/lt6dy4 #IranElection (ETA: tinyurl.com/mgnegf) #
  • 10:50 @Revengent SPACED! WATCH SPACED! #
  • 11:23 RT @melapoo A public book burning? The NAZIs did that, y'know. bit.ly/qqCDc #
  • 14:18 Am baking cookies. And huzzah, most of the dough is being bakes before I eat it! #
  • 18:34 Waiting for RENT to start! Just an hour! #
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