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10 June 2009 @ 06:05 pm
  • 19:36 Want some mac & cheese so bad. But I'll have to wait until Seinfeld is over before I go make some. #
  • 22:02 @kithara HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #
  • 22:03 I leave for just a little bit, and everyone is talking about the awesomeness that is Dexter! #
  • 22:15 @victim12 The books are definitely on my To Read list, but I haven't gotten there yet. :( But yes, season 4 please. #
  • 23:57 Conan/old man Stuart/Co Co... I <3 you. #
  • 08:01 I have to go to the corporate office today. Yuck. Anyway, I probably won't be online until late this afternoon. :( May text tweets. #
  • 08:03 @Mattdavelewis Spaced FTW! I want a mini schnauzer. :P #
  • 09:26 Let's try this again... @Ptrst GQMF #
  • 10:02 Apparently I'm going to get off work like 2 hours late. >:{ #
  • 10:03 If I wasn't taking Friday off, my head my start rotating 360 degrees and spewing pea soup. #
  • 10:09 Am very tempted to steal some of corporate's hot choc. They only have 4 packets, but I'm pissed #
  • 10:52 OK, Tanya is awesome. She made copies for me. I'd hug her if it wouldn't be weird. #
  • 11:13 My phone can barely handle all the cool links you #GQMFs post. XD #
  • 11:42 Goddamn, I need a drink and a cookie, #
  • 15:24 Facebook quizzes are a great way to pass the time at work. :P #
  • 15:27 @miss_bushido LOL! I am going to take that as hilarious, rather than terrifying (as most furry things are to me). XD #
  • 15:30 @shadyoutkast &I think part of the contract she signed when she entered said that she couldn't be a part of a partisan org, & she joined 1? #
  • 16:19 Is it sad that I recognize/can name at least half the contestants who are going to be on Top Chef Masters? I watch way too much cooking shit #
  • 16:46 @burjz Food Network should have a fandom. XD @joaniemaloney Oddly enough, I'm not the best cook. I can bake like a motherfucker though. :P #
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