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07 June 2009 @ 07:05 pm
  • 12:33 I was having a dream that was a mix of Heroes/Star Trek/Glee/a bake sale/karaoke/water gun fights. Why did I have to wake up?!?! #
  • 12:34 @ghostbuster2 May I also see this wallpaper? Pretty please? *puppy eyes* #
  • 12:37 @miss_bushido I watched the last hour of Titanic with John and my pal Laura when I got home from D&D last night. XD #
  • 12:40 @ghostbuster2 That wallpaper is kickass! #
  • 13:02 @Jillus It was. I literally almost shouted "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" as I woke up. I am so going to try and continue the dream tonight. XP #
  • 13:03 @mailingers I'm ashamed to admit I know all their names. But I don't know which JoBro is which at least. LOL! #
  • 13:04 @helenathompson Those look delicious! I am going to try and bake those sometime soon. Thanks for the recipe. =) #
  • 13:22 @gnarkills I <3 that movie!!!! =D #
  • 13:58 @gnarkills HE'S A ZOMBIE!!!!! LOL! #
  • 14:22 Yummy microwaved leftover donuts. *is a Pigahontas* #
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