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27 May 2009 @ 10:37 pm
Certainly. Robert Loggia. R as in Robert Loggia. O as in "Oh my god, it's Robert Loggia."...  
Your movie boyfriend is Spock from Star Trek.
Nice job -- your movie boyfriend is as hot as Zachary Quinto! Spock prides himself on being intelligent and responsible, but this Starfleet genius also has an intense side. He tries to hide his deepest emotions (feelings are so complicated), but you're destined to make his half-human, half-Vulcan heart beat faster. Spock likes to see everything in a logical way, but he's got a lot to learn about relationships and love. Are you willing to give him a few private lessons? Oh, admit it -- you're just dying to kiss those pointy ears... someone better get that Uhura girl out of the way.

I am so excited for Conan finally returning to TV! And some of the ads are hilariously sexy.

And one more thing...Make Me A Supermodel tonight... SO WRONG!
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x.x: 60 minuteschoukoumei on May 28th, 2009 06:36 am (UTC)
Oh my god. I have never seen that first ad *dies*

I love Conan, now that he's going to be in LA I really want to make a trip and see him once (it's only an hour flight!)
Allee: conanpwningcolbertstewartlady_lyca on May 28th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
Is it sad I think that ad is a lot hotter than the music video it's spoofing? XD

I really hope he keeps the kind of humor he had going on The Late Show. No offense to Jay Leno, but I really love the more subversive, off-the-wall stuff Conan's show had. Not that Jay Leno wasn't great...for me to poop on! Sorry, had one too many Otter Pops. *sugar rush*

Anyway, if you can go see him, I totally recommend it! I went to a taping of the show in NYC back in 2002. It was amazing! :)
x.xchoukoumei on May 28th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
Yeah I've had the same fear. Conan is always funny but I've enjoyed the late night humor. I never really found Leno funny, and I'm afraid they might want Conan to "tone it down" since he'll be in the tonight show time slot.

I've wanted to see him for a long time, I tried when he was in SF but didn't get tickets and I've only ever been to NYC once (I actually tried then too.) I would be completely willing to plan an LA trip just for Conan :D
Allee: conanpwningcolbertstewartlady_lyca on May 28th, 2009 04:09 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed Leno a lot more when I was younger. He's just so...broad.

The only way my mom could get me to go on a family vacation was to bribe me with Conan. Hey, I was angsty teen who didn't want to spend time with the 'rents. :P Instead of going to Florida (which we had been to every year for five years, and is way too damn hot), we went there for four days, and then NYC for another four.

Conan is a perfectly acceptable thing to plan an entire trip around. ^_^