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16 April 2009 @ 07:23 pm
Kim's got her watermelon gun, And it's the consciousness of love.  
Day 3:
-I got two Nora Roberts books I've never read at Fred Meyer. Yes, I'm sure my mother has them, but I am all about the instant gratification. Read a little bit out on the deck today.
-I have a new friend (hi, the_insane_0ne!). :)
-shireberries posted her Joker/Harley playlist.
-If you head over H E R E you can see the newest (and apparently final) HBP trailer!

I feel so bad. I asked John last night if he wouldn't mind if I did laundry tonight. He said no, and finished his clothes then. And now I think I may put it off another day. I just feel so achey (fucking PMS). He said he doesn't care, but I still feel guilty. But he says he's not annoyed, and if I wanna feel bad that's my perogative I can do what I wanna do (It's my prerogative).

How 'bout some words of wisdom from Uncle Fran? Over ten years after this sketch aired, and he is still my hero. XD
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Listening/Watching: "Kim's Watermelon Gun" by The Flaming Lips