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07 August 2008 @ 11:52 am
you're dreaming vividly in color, And I'm wide awake so our worlds never really touch  
No, I still haven't finished Breaking Dawn. I have started Bella's second book. About a little over half way through the whole thing, I think. Leave it to me to get a life when the book came out.

Stolen from zfiledh:

Your result for The Supervillain Archetype Test...

The Megalomaniac

Ambitious, Intelligent, Calculating

The Megalomaniac is the most prestigious of super-villain classes. If anyone is ever going to rule the world, it will probably be you.

Your main goal in life is power and domination, you have the tools to do it, and you know it. Megalomaniacs are intelligent and forceful, and they tend not to let their emotions cloud their judgment. Most of the time. They are usually found, or not found, working at the top of a huge structured organization, though many prefer to work by themselves.

The Megalomaniac has but one flaw, but its an invariably fatal one; arrogance. He knows that he can take over the world, and he isn't afraid to let you know, often elaborately and in great detail. They often do not foresee the fly in their ointment, because they do not want to admit that such a fly could exist.

Sample Megalomaniacs: Dr. Doom, Lex Luthor, Ras al'Ghul, Kang the Conqueror, Emperor Palpatine, Brain

Take The Supervillain Archetype Test at HelloQuizzy


The Mariner's game last Saturday was very fun. I don't even like baseball that much, but I am so glad I went. It turns out the tickets where John's Aunt Jan's. So she was there with us. I LOOOOOOVE his Aunt Jan. I want her to adopt me as her niece. XD

I saw Mamma Mia! again on Monday (and am seeing it again tomorrow with asiswellknown. XD Anyway, John hadn't seen it yet! He agreed that it was fabulous. Then we got some Jack 'n the Box and went back to his place and watched Family Guy. He also recently got his bartending license, so he showed off his skills and made me a...madras, I think it was called.

I know, I know. I haven't posted any of that free music I mentioned in that last post. I was having major issues with iTunes, so I FINALLY got them all uploaded today. And I was so frustrated that I will probably not post them online until next week. I'm sorry. But I am a big baby. :P

Today's clip is from The Soup. It is the new trailer for Oliver Stone's biopic about George W. Bush, W.

Or watch it HERE, at least until YouTube or LJ fixes whatever the hell is going on. Because it is STILL available! And oddly enough, if you press the play button in the bottom corner, it plays. It's darkened by the not available screen thing-y, but it's there! QUOI LE FUCK?! Seems to be working now. :)

I may not be around much this weekend. After the movie tomorrow, I am picking up Susan and we are heading straight up to Laura's place for a night of nostalgia (we're having a Baby-Sitter's Club party, 'cause that's how we roll!). And then I will probably spend the rest of the weekend finishing Breaking Dawn.
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chocolate_frappchocolate_frapp on August 8th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
I came out Megalomaniac on this test too. I think the Monarch should be on the sample list of megalomaniacs (I'm a big Venture Bros. fan)