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10 July 2006 @ 12:22 pm
Tee hee!  

As you may know from my last angry rant of a post, that our internet at home has stopped working.  I am currently sitting at work, and eavesdropping on my father's telephone conversation with customer service.  His angry way of talking to them is making me giggle on the inside.  OK, I used to work with customers, and I know what's it is like to be berated.  But, the service stopped on Thursday, we called that night.  They told us they would work on it and call us Friday.  They never did.  So, my dad called them.  They told us what they have always told us to do, "Disable the wireless adapters, unplug everything, restart computers, and various combinations of the above."  Yeah, that always works...temporarily.  And now it doesn't work it at all.  Apparently they just told us our service was discontinued...BULLSHIT!  My mom works for another phone company, and says this situation should have had this isolated Friday.  He is getting really pissy, making me really happy.  He just got off the phone, and I was right, they told him WE discontinued our service...bollocks to that.  They had the nerve to tell us that we had to re-order it.  HA!  He asked me how he did, since I told him if he didn't want to do it, put me on and I will have a total bitch-fit at them.  I of course, just clapped.  If they are not at our house at 5 (they can work overtime, this run-around has been going on way too long), we are switching to Comcast.

Listen, bitch!  This shit has gone one way too fucking long!  We use the internet for everything just like everyone else, paying bills, etc.  If you and the other morons working there don't at least get started on sorting this shit out, I am gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like whiny little bitches.  I'm gonna make you eat my shit, then shit out your shit, then eat your shit that is made up of my shit that I made you eat....yeah, I stole that from Jay and Silent Bob, but so what?

So, that's still why no vids, fics, music for polaris_86, or anything.

Oh, and the shrew he was on the phone with is supposed to call back within half an hour to tell us what they are gonna do.  Oh, if she says that they aren't gonna do anything, there's gonna be a bitchy!Allison.  I had to go two whole days without internet!  

Those were the slowest days of my life!  Although, my friend Susan and her fiance Daniel came over to watch MST3K on Saturday, which was fun.  Oh, and something TRES exciting!  They are both criminal justice majors and I found out that they have had classes with none other than Bob Keppel!  He has been a hero of mine since high school!  He wrote the definitive book about the Green River Killer...and helped catch Bundy, Wayne Williams.... Sorry, the study of serial killer pathology is one of my more morbid interests.  Anyway, they think they will get me a chance to sit in on one of his classes!!!!  AUGH!  Excitement!  Yes, in his books he tends to ramble, and you can tell he has a high opinion of himself; but after all he has accomplished, he has the right to be a pompous ass!  Anyway, I couldn't shut up about it all night (if the posters in my room had ears, they would have been very annoyed).

Oh, and here is the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing in their wedding:
 Susan had a few bridal showers thrown for her, but she says mine was the best *looks smug*
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