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19 May 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Hold me in your arms, let's let our love blind us. Cover me, shut the door and cover me.  
Blergh. I hate my neighbors. They're doing some roofing, and one of the roofer's many vehicles is blocking over half of our driveway. Maybe it's just the roofers, not my neighbors. But they've blocked us in/out before, so.... I took the spot where my dad usually parks, and hopefully they'll be gone by the time he gets home, and he can take mine. *le sigh* Effing suburbs.

"Cover Me" by Bruce Springsteen was mentioned in the book I'm reading (Three Fate by Nora Roberts), and I cannot stop listening to it! So if ya see it on my Last.fm playlist a lot, that's why. And you can listen to it too! ^_^ Go H E R E for the download.

I'm sad that SNL is over for the season. This season's cast has just had amazing chemistry. Here is a clip from this past weekend when Steve Carell hosted. This is the Japanese version of The Office, introduced by Ricky Gervais (how can you not love him?!?!). And Jason Sudekis once again playing Jim. And Bill Hader as Dwight. And it's just too fabulous for words.
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Listening/Watching: "Cover Me" by Bruce Springsteen
I died instantly...the next day...: duke of earl.spifftronica on May 19th, 2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
That sketch is amazing. I STILL love that they got Ricky in on it.

Seriously, the chemistry is through the roof. I hope they all get at least one more season together before anyone leaves or Lorne decides to overhaul the cast again.
Allee: ICANHAVEITALLlady_lyca on May 21st, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
True that! And honestly, as much as I love them and would go see it, I don't think most of the cast (with obvious exclusions) could carry their own movie (from an executive, moneymoneymoney POV). So hopefully no one will leave for a couple of seasons yet.