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04 January 2008 @ 09:17 am
I don't know about you I get so sick of blue skies Whenever they always appear  
Okay, the one night where I don't wake up because of my back and go on the internet is the night all this Britney shit goes down! Okay, for all those who've never heard me talk about this stuff before, I am a pop culture whore, and even though I know I shouldn't give two straws about her, fuck if it isn't interesting! At least to me! And not just the whole schadenfreude angle either. And hey, sifting through all the entries on Perez Hilton made me forget to be pissed that someone parked in my spot (as always on the day with horrible weather when I am wearing expensive shoes); I honestly don't care! XP

Didn't do too much for New Year's. I think that even though it's been unplanned each time, the fact that Laura and I have now spent New Year's Eve together three years in a row makes it tradition. We went out for thai at one of my favorite spots. If you live in or are ever around downtown Woodinville, go to the thai place in the complex across the street from Schucks.

Since her boyfriend was taking her snowboarding at the buttcrack of dawn on the first (and she forgot her ID at home so we had to leave the bar), we called it an early night. So like last year, at midnight I was deeply entranced by the television. And ya know what, I like it that way! I like sitting in my pajamas, eating left over spicy sweet & sour mixed veggies and chillin'. Last year it was the Eddie Izzard marathon on BBC America. And who doesn't get excited by Eddie?

This year it was Veronica Mars. So glad I bought the DVDs! Love this show!!!! LoVe 4eva!!!!!! XDDDD I was going to try and pace myself, only watch a couple of episodes a day. But screw that! I wanna know what happens so I can do my normal fangirling (watch fanvids, read fics, etc). I've only finished through the first DVD of season 2. So for everyone who's seen it, don't tell me a damn thing! I hope to finish the whole series by Sunday night/early Monday morning. I just need to work out where season 3 will be the cheapest.

Sorry I haven't been commenting much. If you read about the new fandom mentioned in the cut, that's pretty much why. Also, I got Arrested Development season 1 from Netflix and have been watching it as well. Verrry funny! I have been checking my f-list on a regular basis, though. So if you've posted anything, chances are I've read it. Like, I love everyone's pics for that last meme! I will post mine eventually. Probably sometime next week.

Okay, I only watched about two and a half hours of it, and not consecutively, so this is kind of scanty.

Now, I knew going in Kucinich was not going to win. I still fully support him though. My dream is that one day we can have a president like him. I did hear that he said if he were to no longer be eligible for president, he threw his support to Obama (which apparently a lot of second tier candidates did). I was kind of leaning towards Obama over Hillary (although I wouldn't mind if either was president), so that news made me happy. As for the Republican side, all I can say is thank gawd that Romney didn't win. Well and that neither did Guiliani, but no one was expecting him too. Ron Paul is the only Republican that I like, so although he wasn't second or third, he is in it for the long haul. I think he's managed to raise more money than any other Republican candidate.

Yes, I know I'm a socialist. However, in times like these, I really don't want to throw my vote away. That's a terrible thing to say, and I do hope that one day third party candidates will stand a much better chance. But until then, and when we're in just about every concievable fuck-up, I really want to just get us out of it first. If that makes sense.

I have a question for all the Neville/Luna shippers who may be reading this. I am totally spacing, and cannot remember if there has already been a fanmix for them entitled "Strange Weirdos". I am working on one, and don't want to be a copycat. I'll sort through all the posts in the N/L communities, but I thought I'd ask first. As soon as I finish Veronica Mars, I'll have more time to work on it. I want drabbles with each song choice, so I will need something to occupy my time. :P

Sorry for the lack of fun memes, vids, and other typical merriment found in my LJ. This post was far too long already.
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polaris_86: lighterpolaris_86 on January 4th, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC)
I heard so many good things about Veronica Mars.

Here, in Germany, they showe it at midnight, at a normal schoolday (I don#t no if wether it was tuesday or wednesday or...). The point it, how can you show a popular show like this at such an hour. Damn the channel who bought the right to send it. >.< Therefore I've never seen it. O_o
Allee: lilacslady_lyca on January 9th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
Well, I don't know if it is actually popular. It only had three seasons. It was one of those shows that everyone knows about and talks about, but does not really watch.
ww_sb_xfww_sb_xf on January 5th, 2008 03:56 am (UTC)
Is really hard to ignore all the chaos around Britney :/ (i´m addicted to ONTD)

I tried to watch Veronica Mars, but i never could find it appealing enough. The Closer (that was aired before VM here) was far more interesting for me.
Allee: goreneamescopotplady_lyca on January 9th, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC)
Seriously! Hurricane Britney just keeps getting...I don't want to say "better and better", but you know what I mean. I am awful. LOL! XD

It took me a few episodes of it to really get into it, but now I am addicted. If The Closer is on DVD (or somewhere online, hee hee), I will definitely check it out.
Pan: Monarch adultjedipanchan on January 9th, 2008 08:19 pm (UTC)
Hiiii!! *waves and flails around like mad* Oh how I've missed this little pink-bordered comment box on your journal, my friend. XD I must stop being lazy and get online more when I'm home (how's that for a New Year's Resolution??), lol. ;P

ANYWHO, I totally agree about Obama and Hillary, I'm not really opposed to either becoming Prez. I've been leaning more towards Obama lately, but I really don't know yet which one of them I'm going to vote for. BTW, there are big random signs all over town here that just say: "GOOGLE RON PAUL" I think it's funny. XD

Also, how happy are you that Daily Show and Colbert are back without writers?? I love those two men so so much, for realz.

And finally, I'M SENDING YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGE TODAY!! XDDDD I'm soo late, I know, because I'm a bad friend, lol. It's been sitting in my room forever, and due to car problems and suchlike I wasn't able to mail it yet. BUT, in about an hour it will be IN TRANSIT, so look for it soonish. I didn't want you to think I had forgotten boutcha. ;)
Allee: percypoliticslady_lyca on January 9th, 2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
OMG!!!!!!!! I've missed you like a stalker misses a victin who goes out of town!!!11!1!!!!1 And you are not the only one. I've been a bad, lazy LJ friend. Hardly commenting and such.

My mom and I fight about Hillary and Obama. Me leaning towards Obama, and her Hillary. She says she thinks he's a meanie. Apparently my mom is nine years old and uses words like "meanie", and thinks politics should be a friendly affair.

And I've been seeing random Ron Paul signs too! I don't know if they say to google him or not. But it makes me kinda happy.

Aaaw! You are not a bad friend! You did not need to send me a package at all! Not that I won't accept and jump and down about it. XD It's not late, we can call it an early birthday package instead.

P.S. YAYEE! I got to use that Percy icon! *score*
Pan: Twins & Harryjedipanchan on January 9th, 2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
I've missed LJ soo much, and I really don't have anyn good excuses for not updating the entire time I've been home, lol. XD

My mom's really into Hillary, too! Last night when I told her that Hillary was winning New Hampshire, my mom actually did the triple-snap head-bob thing and said, "YOU GO GIIIRL!" :P

Ok, early birthday sounds good to mee! Especially since it's not even a Christmas card, but a silly all-occasion card, lol. I had fun picking it out, hehe.

I love that Percy icon! I have some good Nathan Patrelli politics-related icons, but my icon stash is on my computer and it's being retarted so I'm using my mom's, lol. I think one of them said something like "Vote Petrelli, you just might be related to him!" XD

I still have a ton of Christmas and wintery icons loaded, and it's in the 50s today! Oh well, I'll use them anyway. :P
Allee: christmasjacklizlady_lyca on January 9th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
I'm at home watching Tucker. WHY?!?!? I hate Tucker Carlson, yet I keep watching. I dunno. The girl on his panel seems pretty smart.

*grrr* It's the media's fault Hillary won last night. A lot of the old ladies who swayed the vote felt bad for the way they were portraying her. Not that I don't like her, but I like to complain more. XP

I don't want to be related to Nathan Petrelli! Because I want to fuck his brother! XDDDD

I know. I don't want to get rid of my Christmas-y icons just yet. I haven't had them for long. And they can be related to other things (Jack/Liz, porn).