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28 September 2007 @ 10:41 am
when I see your pretty face it's hard to hate the human race  

Gawd! They fucking broke my heart! I was practically (okay I actually was) cheering that Santos had made it! I thought I would make it through the only premier without shedding a single tear. But NOOOOO! They had to make it all in Hilda's head. I should've know. Stupid hopefulness!

But Daniel/Betty vibes!!!! D/B FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That definitely made me squee.

Claire punching Wilhimenia...total girl power moment! Take that you scheming bitch!

Justin, I bow before you.

Chubby Amanda! Tee hee! And Marc! "Never send a girl in to do a woman's job". I want to hang out with Marc so much!

This was my single's love horoscope for today; The same old topics, people and places won't hold your interest long now -- you need fresh inspiration, new people and a change of scene. Plan your evening -- and your companionship -- accordingly. Tonight a girl in seattle is hosting a Jane Austen movie party. Since all my friends who I actually hang out with either are way too far away, busy, or have done something to annoy me, I don't get out much. Socially anyway. So I am trying to become much more of a social butterfly. And that horoscope makes me feel optimistic.

But gah! Fucking heartburn! I need to buy more peppermint Tums when I go to the store after work. I also need to buy the ingredients for golden yam 'brownies', which I am making for the shindig tonight. It's a new recipe, I hope it's good. It sounds autumn-y.

Now for some talk of The Office! Put down here so people can avoid spoilers for either show discussed with relative ease.

PB&J!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it's about damn time! XD Them holding hands was so adorable. Fugly lamp though. But 8 bucks...I'd probably buy it too. :P Keving spying on them...a little creepy. But that's Kevin. Creepy Teddy Bear, kinda like Teddy Rucksbin (sp?).

And as happy as I am about PB&J, I wish Karen was still on the show. I really liked Karen. I think we would be friends if she were real, LOL! And I like how she appreciated Jim. So does Pam, but it took her fucking long enough. Plus, she was sensible. Maybe she was trying to change Jim, and I hate when women do that, trying to get him to give up on pranking. But that's not how I saw it. I mean, Jim does take it too far once in awhile. Maybe I only think that because I love Dwight. :P

No sex tonight for you, Dwight! I am witholding! I got weirded out when my friend's mom put their cancer-ridden hamster in their freezer (not to mention I will never eat Eggos at her house), let alone a sickly cat. Poor Sprinkles! I know Angela being so sad was probably supposed to be amusing, but I totally know how she feels! I wish I could go give her a hug! I hope her and Dwight don't break up though. I love Dwangela more than Jam. Sorry, but it's true.

Ryan, you are such a slippery little shit. But I love you anyway. Bring on the angry!sex; just don't tell Kelly because she will murder me. I kinda wish he knocked Kelly up though. A hi-larious trap! And Kelly would be happy. But I do like the idea of Kandy (Kelly and Andy) together.

I just realized that two ships for the show are named after foods. And then Phyllis/Bob Vance was dubbed "Vallis" by jackie and I.

I miss weird, irate Andy. If only because he provided amusement.

Pam buying porn on a company computer? Now, I enjoy looking at nude celebrity photos (voyeur much?) and seeing their sex tapes... But not at work! I find that reee-hehehe-ally unbelievable. After all, she tattled on Dwight when he was looking at gay porn.

But the virus did bring the IT guy back! Love him!

Andy has sensitive nipples! Aaaaw! LOL!

Creed, Stanley, and Oscar going for drinks. Priceless! So what I would've done.

Toby = PIMP!!!!

South Park and The Sarah Silverman Program come back next week! Huzzah! And Pushing Daisies premiers!

Has anyone seen today's IMDb poll? I voted for Alfonso Cuarón. But am I the only one who thinks it might be pretty cool if it was done by Tim Burton? I know he isn't as edgy as he used to be. But we all make mistakes. :P
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Stephanieedenmalfoy on September 28th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
I accidentally got spoiled for Ugly Betty :( So I knew all along that Santos died. That was so totally sad.

You know, I must say that Ugly Betty looks like a 'stupid' comedy show but it's so much more than that. It's still got some of the 'stupid' comedy elements but it's got all this other stuff going on as well. I'm really glad I watch this show ^_^
Allee: marcandamandalady_lyca on September 29th, 2007 03:56 am (UTC)
Oh I hate accidental spoilers! I almost wish I had known for sure he had died, so I could brace myself a little more. :\

Ugly Betty is the only comedy that had me crying for at least an hour. The first season finale, oh man. Gut wrenching! Such a good show!
merlincerridwen on September 28th, 2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
OMG I KNOW SERIOUSLY... I was thinking about the Betty/Daniel thing the whole time. They seriously have to think about putting them together at least once. They have to be thinking about it... *sigh @ me for not watching The Office* pfftbutter.

I know what you mean about being more socialable. I'm about to update about what I'm going to do. I hope you have super fun at the party! ^^;
Allee: betty/daniellady_lyca on September 29th, 2007 04:01 am (UTC)
I KNOW!!!!!!!!! But I don't care if D/B ever becomes canon. It's canon in my heart! XD The show is still young, Daniel and Betty could still totally get together. Daniel burying his pills!!! Awww! *jumps*

Well, obviously I am not at the party. I got soooo lost. I don't know the area at all. Plus it was dark, and there were still remnants of traffic. I was just happy to find the freeway again. I e-mailed the hostess, and like only person showed up. I feel so bad! I still think it was a really good idea. :\
merlincerridwen on September 29th, 2007 02:04 pm (UTC)
Me either, but I still hold the belief that the writers are at least thinking about it... it's so obvious haha.

Aww, maybe other people got lost too? =\ At least, you contacted her and let her know what happened y'know