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21 June 2007 @ 09:23 pm
Did you see the way she was looking at me? -She's a Nazi, George!  
My birthday cake for Edward Cullen turned out deliciously splendid, if I do say so myself. Well my dad says so too, but he will eat anything if chocolate is involved. He had gum surgery today, so I have to eat a ton while his mouth is still sensitive! XP I did make a mistake on the recipe. It said to add espresso...WHY WOULD I PUT ESPRESSO IN A CHOCOLATE CAKE?!? So I used some coffee instead. Then I turned over the package and realized that was the recipe for the mocha cake. D'oh! So after putting in half the espresso needed, I was afraid the cake could not be saved. But OMG, it's even more delicious than I thought possible. I think just replacing some of the water called for with coffee makes it richer or something.

Although, I think I got the idea for coffee from Racheal Ray, which just makes me feel awful and actually kind of dirty.

I wanted to write something like "Happy Birthday Edward! Forever 17" or something like that on the cake. But I bought all the ingredients at the PCC, and they didn't have any colored frosting. I thought about setting aside some of the regular frosting, dusting some powdered sugar over the top, and then writing that, but I got too lazy. It was too damn hot in our house.

swiped from stormkpr

1. Open up your friendlist. Scroll down to the end of the first page and read the entry that’s at the bottom of the first page. If you just skimmed it over the first time, really read it now. While being very careful not to betray anyone’s privacy if the entry is f-locked, briefly describe what that entry is about.

It's an entry in paire_love, promoting a new community. It sounds vuuurrrry intriguing. I may have to join.

2. Open up your own journal. Go back through your entries, to the entry that is on the bottom of the second most recent page. (If this is too confusing, just pick an entry that’s a few months old). Read your entry. Briefly describe what it’s about and tell us if you’ve changed your thoughts/feelings/ideas since then.

It's got lots of things. There's a movie meme, tv talk, music, a song for the reader's DLing pleasure, and ranting liberalness....Yep, still a socialist.

3. Go to your userinfo page. Pick the 10th person on your f-list (if you don’t have 10, just pick the last person). Look at their interests listed on their profile and tell us what their third interest is. Do you share it?

The third interest listed is "anton antipov". And nope. I don't even know who that is. :P

4. Now pick the fourth person on your f-list, and look at their third userpic. Describe it.

It's a pic of some bloke, and the text says "smirk". I think it's Tom DeLonge, but I'm not sure. I'm bad with faces.

5. From your userinfo page, tell us what the 12th interest you have listed is. (If you don't have 12, just pick the last one). If it’s not obvious that that interest is, describe it. Tell us why you like it.

It's art....Pretty self-explanatory.

My current favortie clip from the Star Wars episode of Robot Chicken. Can I marry Seth Green or Brecking Meyer please? Or can I at least just hang with their group?

SYTYCD...I am extremely happy about the girl who went home. I won't say who (I don't feel like doing another cut and having spoilers), but yeah. Didn't like her personality. The judges were unanimous with the choice for girls, that must feel like shit. "Yeah, we all hate you".
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staticlovedream on June 22nd, 2007 05:20 am (UTC)
I think I got the idea for coffee from Racheal Ray, which just makes me feel awful and actually kind of dirty.

How come?
Allee: andrewsayslady_lyca on June 22nd, 2007 05:36 am (UTC)
I really, reeeeaally do not like Ray-ray. Where do I even begin?

She's annoying (I want to bang my head into the wall whenever she calls a sandwich a "sammie", or does that stupid giggle.

She thinks she's so awesome. She once dumped a bunch of yogurt in a bowl, topped it with pecans, honey, and berries. She then proclaimed it to be an awesome recipe that she should write down...It's a parfait, you fucking moron! You did not invent it.

Her meals may only take 30 minutes, but clean-up must take forever. A garbage bowl?! Plastic garbage thrown in my liquid garbage?! Ick! Would you just dump a bunch of chicken stock in with your paper grocieries? That must stink.

She cuts meat on a wooden board...that is just a no-no. That can spread e-coli because it's impossible to get all the germs out of wood.

If one ingredient is low-fat, she says the meal is therefore healthy.
staticlovedream on June 22nd, 2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
I'm not that fond of her either, but it's mainly because she made the Daytime Emmys unwatchable for me like when Jerry walked out "OMG JERRY I LOVE YOU". :X