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02 January 2007 @ 01:43 pm
his brim pulled way down low, Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, Machine guns ready to go  

May the Lady_lyca be with you.

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In 2007, lady_lyca resolves to...
Connect with my inner art.
Drink four glasses of thunder every day.
Buy new ryan reynolds.
Go to femmeslash every Sunday.
Give up nora roberts.
Ask my boss for a smut.
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I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! Mine was excellent, kinda boring. We drove home from Moses Lake, then I rested a little before the evening. My parents were nice and drove Laura and I to the show. I know, I am lame, my parents chaufered. But parking in Seattle is HELL! Anyway, we had left kinda early, just in case traffic was worse than usual. But it wasn't. So Laura and I went to this lounge where we had yummy cocktails and were catty about people we knew. I love being catty. I AM Regina George :P Except, I only pick on people who can defend themselves. I try and leave those few genuinely kind souls alone, and defend them.

Well, from the lounge to the show! The opening guy (Eugene Mermin) was pretty funny. But Mike Birbiglia was a-fucking-mazing! He did some stuff from Two Drink Mike, and some stuff I hadn't heard. Laura was sad that he didn't do The Oatmeal Song after I told her all about it. So I will have to burn her a CD. But she really enjoyed herself, said it was a good birthday present, so that made me happy :)

After that, I just went home. Yeah, again with my lame-ness. Laurie had a party, but I didn't want to try and find her house. And Josh had a party too. He's the guy I have mentioned before who peaked in high school. Amanda said he was being a drunken idiot, saying really offensive stuff. Not like when I say offensive things, that's funny. But I had had some Chinese food the night before with the fam, but I don't think it agreed with me. So I spent midnight in my bathroom. I know, TMI!!!

I really wish they had that China Buffet place over here, it has the best sesame chicken!

Oh, and visiting the family in Moses Lake was fun. They are the only people in my family who I can be somewhat myself around. Yeah my Uncle Randy is annoying, but he is such a nice guy. Even though he calls me "Alice" all the time. My cousin Adam said next time we chatted on MSN, that's how he would address me. I just told him I would call his station while he was on the radio and tell everyone how his mom called him Mr. Giggles when he was little. MWAHAHA!

We played cards a lot. I learned how to play "Shit on Your Neighbor", aka "Welfare". And I totally screwed over Adam both times. Tee hee. We played some Texas Hold 'Em, but I suck and my back hurt, so I gave Hayley my chips and went to watch TV. They have a fucking awesome big screen TV.

Of course we had to watch some MST3K, since Adam is the one who got us all hooked. We watched "The Dead Talk Back", which was hi-larious. And not to be too spoiler-y, but...the dead never actually did talk back. Fuckin' gip, man.

So yeah, seeing all of them was great. I hadn't seen Eli for like 4 years, when he first went into the air force. He's not gonna re-enlist. Woot! :P But seeing Hayley made me feel old. I had only met her twice, both years ago (right after her dad and my aunt got married), and she was 12. Now she's 16...so, old fogey here. But, at least I am not at the bottom of the pecking order. Well, Krystal is younger than me, but she didn't come. At least her being older made Adam, Eli, and I drinking a little more than necessary not too sketchy. XP

Driving over to Moses Lake was a bitch though! My iPod, never been used, except to watch a couple of music vids I bought...fucking froze!!!! I was all set to sit back, and have Johnny Depp distract me from leg pain..but no! My parents went to the Apple store yesterday though, and were able to exchange it. Man, I hope it works! *crosses fingers*

I am sad that Christmas is over...but that means it's almost my birthday! YAY! :D

Hmmmm...I seem to have sufficiently rambled. So, I am off like a dirty shirt.

P.S. Ok, Jackie and Candi, the packages are gonna have to wait another day. I'm sorry. But I think there's no post in honor of Gerald Ford. :(
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